Psychotherapy Online

Online counselling sessions using Skype are intended for people who are not able to find a suitable psychotherapist in a place where they live, who may not be able to travel to a psychotherapist’s office or for those who feel at greater ease in their own home.

Clinical research is showing that online counselling and conventional face-to-face therapy are equally effective. Some studies reveal that clients feel more relaxed and are able to speak more openly in the comfort of their own home.

However, please consider that online counselling is not suitable if you have a history of mental illness, serious trauma or are in acute distress.

If online counselling seems the right option for you, please find below the instructions how to sign up for a skype session:

  • Let me know that you would like to start therapy by filling in the ‘booking a session’ form.
  • I will contact you and we will agree on the exact date and time of the first session.
  • Then you make an online payment through PayPal.
  • Join the session on the agreed day and time through Skype.


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