To be without the anxiety about imperfection

Dalai Lama was being interviewed about his book ‘The Art of Happiness’. He was asked if he had any experiences of guilt or remorse. After a pause he answered: guilt no but remorse maybe. He told a story when an elderly monk asked him about doing some yoga exercises that were designed for young people. Dalai Lama recommended to this elderly monk that he should not do them as he was too old. Soon after Dalai Lama found out that the monk committed suicide so he could be reborn in a younger body. The interviewer asked how Dalai Lama got beyond the pain of these feelings. After a long pause Dalai Lama said: I didn’t. They didn’t go away. The feelings are still here. I just don’t let them drag me away. I let myself feel them.

It doesn’t mean we don’t care when we are without the anxiety about imperfection.

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