Mindfulness with Rumi

“Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.”

    – Rumi

This quote is a reminder that the way to feeling more at peace is through “being with” and allowing that which is painful or difficult in us rather that “trying to fix”, avoid or run from it.

There’s nothing wrong with analysing, critical thinking and trying “to fix” things when it comes to solving a problem. But feelings are not problems, they cannot be solved- they need to be recognised and felt. Often, when we are sad, hurt, ashamed or angry we automatically try to free ourselves from these difficult emotions. The more we are trying to work out why we are unhappy the deeper we sink into unhappiness

What happens when you try and think about becoming less anxious or depressed? You start analysing, looking for answers and before long you are feeling bad and blaming yourself for not being able to ‘deal’ with your anxiety or sadness. In other words, you add tension and stress to what already is painful.

Rumi is reminding us that  when we become intimate, in a nonjudgmental way, with our difficult emotions, we send the message internally that we care about ourselves, that it is ok, and this begins to transform the moment.

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